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My hope and prayer is that the Military and Law Enforcement will not follow any orders that are not just. 

It is so sad to see what is happening in my America today. Drones that spy on people, police acting like schoolyard bullies, arresting people without just cause.  Stop the madness..

If you can’t do anything to help SAY SOMETHING  I know it’s hard to do something while we are all living our own busy lives, but you can SAY SOMETHING.  Even our freedom of speech is being tramped on – people have been arrested for talking.

Don’t be afraid to speak. words can help. If we all remain silent then nothing will ever happen. Speaking out can help you can make others aware of things that are happening.  Speak for others or when you are in need, others will not speak for you.

America is being murdered and our Constitution is being attacked and we cannot let this happen. Perhaps we can’t stop some of the things , but we can Speak  Put you opinion out there, Don’t be afraid.  

Fear will just make everything worse, we must stand tall and unafraid to voice our opinions, thoughts and prayers.  DO Not be afraid. 

I will always say what I think, and I hope you will also.  You don’t have to agree with me, Just say something. Be part of the solution mot part of the problem. 

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I have finally found my way back here, and I do love this site and will be posting another blog very soon.

Sorry to everyone who have been so kind as to comment on my blogs and I promise to do better.

Now after having some strange sort of pneumonia and a flare of the RSD and other problems with pain and walking-I am again doing well. 

The pain is still there and the meds help some but I know I will never have a pain free day again, so I will just stop bitching about it and learn to live with it all.  Most people don’t know anything about me or how I live.  And I don’t explain to them, but here I feel that I can say what is truly in my heart.

Thank you all for being my friends. I will do my best to learn all the changes  of Word Press and become an active part of this wonderful place.

Good day

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North Carolina English or Spanish?

What now?

In Wayne County we have been told that certain documents  MUST be translated into Spanish!!!  WHY??

I believe if people move to Wayne County, North Carolina, or any other part of America, they should strive to learn our language.

North Carolina must pass a law making English the Legal Language of our state and all government business should be conducted ONLY in English. Anyone who doesn’t bother to learn our language can go back where they came from and speak the language of their country. We should not have to learn a foreign language just to live in our own country.

We have been told if this translation of documents is not done, we will loose Federal Funding. Is this not a form of blackmail? Why must this happen, this is totally wrong.

LEARN ENGLISH OR LEAVE-ALL GOVERNMENT BUSINESS INCLUDING WELFARE, MADEICAID AND SCHOOLS SHOULD BE CONDUCTED IN ENGLISH.  If they want to be a legal American then learn the  language – Do not force us to learn a language that is not ours.

Whose country is this anyway?  Does it belong to those born here of American Parents or is the United States of America  being ruled and governed by outsiders????

What do you think? 

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Great state of Missouri from a friend

Why can’t all the states do this???
Missouri has no illegal aliens
Missouri ‘s approach to the problem of illegal immigration appears to be more advanced, sophisticated, strict and effective
than anything to date in Arizona .  Do the loonies in San Francisco , or the White House, appreciate what Missouri has done?

When are our fearless President and his dynamic Attorney General going to take action to require
Missouri start accepting illegal immigrants once again?  *
So, why doesn’t Missouri receive attention?
Answer:   There are no Mexican illegals in Missouri to demonstrate.
                 The “Show Me” state has once again showed us how it should be done.
                 There needs to be more publicity and exposure regarding what Missouri has done.
Let’s pass it around.
In 2007, Missouri placed on the ballot a proposed constitutional amendment designating English as the official language of Missouri.
In November, 2008, nearly 90% voting in favor!  Thus English became the official language for ALL governmental activity in Missouri .
No individual has the right to demand government services in a language OTHER than English.
In 2008 a measure was passed that required the Missouri Highway Patrol and other law enforcement officials to verify the immigration
status of any person arrested, and inform federal authorities if the person is found to be in Missouri illegally.   Missouri law enforcement
offices receive specific training with respect to enforcement of federal immigration laws.
In Missouri illegal immigrants do NOT have access to taxpayers benefits such as food stamps and health care through Missouri HealthNET.
In 2009 a measure was passed that ensures Missouri ‘s public institutions of higher
education do NOT award financial aid to individuals who are illegally in the United States .
In Missouri  all post-secondary institutions of higher education to annually certify to the Missouri Dept. of Higher Education that they have
NOT knowingly awarded financial aid to students who are unlawfully present in the United States .
So while Arizona has made national news for its new law, it is important to remember Missouri has been far more proactive in
addressing this horrific problem.
Missouri has made it clear that illegal immigrants are NOT welcome in the state and they will certainly NOT receive public
benefits at the expense of Missouri taxpayers


Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=159124438&blogID=539627279#ixzz11WyutN1l
PLease read–this is true and very important

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Talking about YouTube – THE GREAT DECEIVER

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