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  1. L. J. Cardin says:

    North Carolina, My Opinions
    Current mood: betrayed
    North Carolina is my home and I have some suggestions that I believe would make us a better state, a better place to live.

    All government business to be conducted in ENGLISH.

    2. No illegal aliens, regardless of nationality, to recieve Welfare, Social Security, Food Stamps or any other government help. After all –They are illegal. Also no education and all classes to be conducted in ENGLISH only.

    3. All LEGAL aliens are welcome, as long as they have a visa or other documents to prove they are here LEGALLY.

    4. Rather than continuing to build more jails, decriminalize Marijuana, so many are being supported by the state, and out taxes, because of very small amounts of Marijuana. Also Marijuana does help pain.

    5. Do not raise Teachers Salaries, Do not pay for more than 1 teacher and 1 helper in each classroom. Do allow parents to volunteer time in the classroom, but not in the same class as any of their children.

    6. Headstart was a great program, why did we add More at Four? This was only to get publicity for someone. Now, it’s stupid to expect three (3) year olds to be in a classroom. They should be at home learning and being a small child.

    7. Stop spending thousands and thousands on sports uniforms, coaches , and other after class
    activities. School is for learning. Saving the coaches salaries and not paying for these extras would save untold amounts of money.

    8. Use all lottery money for schools and not borrow from that. This cuts down the need for outrageous spending, when the lottery is supposed to be for schools.

    9. Look at ways to help the elderly and the disabled. These are the people who don’t have enough to eat, can’t pay their bills, and are socially isolated because the can’t afford to get out.

    10. Allow the poor and homeless to recieve MEDICAID these are the people who die because they cannot pay a Dr. Also most alcholics are using alchol as a way to help the pain.

    11. Pain patients NEED appropiate medications to help control their pain. PEOPLE IN PAIN are not addicts–do not USE–they are just trying to help the horrible pain and should not have to sign “Contracts” give urine samples or beg for medications. Many people cannot even walk due to pain.

    12. COMMON SENSE is lacking and we must understand some of these things to make North Carolina a better place for North Carolinians to live and thrive.

    L.J. Cardin

    Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=159124438&blogId=540026859#ixzz12xI9ceUe

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