Just thinking

My hope and prayer is that the Military and Law Enforcement will not follow any orders that are not just. 

It is so sad to see what is happening in my America today. Drones that spy on people, police acting like schoolyard bullies, arresting people without just cause.  Stop the madness..

If you can’t do anything to help SAY SOMETHING  I know it’s hard to do something while we are all living our own busy lives, but you can SAY SOMETHING.  Even our freedom of speech is being tramped on – people have been arrested for talking.

Don’t be afraid to speak. words can help. If we all remain silent then nothing will ever happen. Speaking out can help you can make others aware of things that are happening.  Speak for others or when you are in need, others will not speak for you.

America is being murdered and our Constitution is being attacked and we cannot let this happen. Perhaps we can’t stop some of the things , but we can Speak  Put you opinion out there, Don’t be afraid.  

Fear will just make everything worse, we must stand tall and unafraid to voice our opinions, thoughts and prayers.  DO Not be afraid. 

I will always say what I think, and I hope you will also.  You don’t have to agree with me, Just say something. Be part of the solution mot part of the problem. 


About albanylinlin5

Love reading with my Kindle 2, Rode the big bikes all my life, but can't ride anymore. Love spending time with a special person who can enjoy b eing quiet together or out and about having fun. Love music, Susan Boyle, early Charlotte Church and more
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