North Carolina English or Spanish?

What now?

In Wayne County we have been told that certain documents  MUST be translated into Spanish!!!  WHY??

I believe if people move to Wayne County, North Carolina, or any other part of America, they should strive to learn our language.

North Carolina must pass a law making English the Legal Language of our state and all government business should be conducted ONLY in English. Anyone who doesn’t bother to learn our language can go back where they came from and speak the language of their country. We should not have to learn a foreign language just to live in our own country.

We have been told if this translation of documents is not done, we will loose Federal Funding. Is this not a form of blackmail? Why must this happen, this is totally wrong.

LEARN ENGLISH OR LEAVE-ALL GOVERNMENT BUSINESS INCLUDING WELFARE, MADEICAID AND SCHOOLS SHOULD BE CONDUCTED IN ENGLISH.  If they want to be a legal American then learn the  language – Do not force us to learn a language that is not ours.

Whose country is this anyway?  Does it belong to those born here of American Parents or is the United States of America  being ruled and governed by outsiders????

What do you think? 


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