My Journey A Life of Pain

This morning I woke up and the pain was so bad that I couldn’t move enough to get up. When I could get up, I couldn’t stand and had to almost crawl to the bathroom.

Finally got a shower around 4 pm. Gradually the pain eased and then I noticed that something was "wrong" or "different" and couldn’t figure out what it was.

I realized that the pain had almost all gone away, What a strange feeling to have the pain be just like a deep ache. I had forgotten what it felt like to be almost without pain.  This has lasted for about 3 hours so far.  I don’t know what to do. I should clean the house, bathe the dog, do everything.

But I think I am just going to watch TV and write about this experience. Please pray that this feeling will last.  It would be so wonderful to have a whole day without terrible pain. 

Now I am very tired , but don’t want to stop even for a minute. But, I really need to rest.

Maybe tomorrow will be without pain, I am going to bed shortly and think positive that I will wake up with as little pain as possible.  I pray that it will last. 

I would love to walk around the store tomorrow and just enjoy it.  That will feel like a miracle to me. I have to believe that I will have a good day tomorrow.


About albanylinlin5

Love reading with my Kindle 2, Rode the big bikes all my life, but can't ride anymore. Love spending time with a special person who can enjoy b eing quiet together or out and about having fun. Love music, Susan Boyle, early Charlotte Church and more
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2 Responses to My Journey A Life of Pain

  1. Lin says:

    Hey LinThat is fantastic – I am so happy for youI get pain-free periods – I love it too – and tend to overdoPlease enjoy every minuteLin

  2. When I do get some low pain times, I usually do too much and make things worse. Sorry I haven’t been here in so long. Promise to do better. Love

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