My Journey April 28, 2009

Old injuries have a way of coming back. Today when I woke up, I couldn’t move my neck. It took me several minutes to get my head up from the pillow. Had to actually grab my hair and roll my head and then sort of roll off the bed.

This is because I broke my neck in three places in 1963, was paralized and lost my voice from the crush injury to the front of my throat.  I could only whisper for months then got my voice back.

So at times I still have days when my neck is in horrible pain. But they don’t usually last more than a day or two.

But along with everything else, RSD, Ankylosing Spondylitis , nerve damage from when I broke my lower back in three place.

Arthritis and assorted other conditions, unfortunately they all cause pain. 

Although I do some pain meds, I don’t get enough to help the pain much, not even on the “good” days.  Nor will the Dr give me anything for break through pain.

Doctors are so afraid to write a prescription for enough pain meds to actually help one to function enough to get through a day without excruatign pain.

Have you heard, “You look good to me”  or “you should be used to it by now” or “You’re too young to be in pain like you say you are?”

Yeah, right call me a liar and demean the pain all in one breath. 

The ER here is useless and they hate to have any pain patient walk in.

They make sure you can overhear them when they say GOMER .  GOMER = Get Outta My Emergency Room  or MHI – No Human Involved.  This is so the pain patient will be so humiliated that they will writhe in pain or just stop living rather than come back to their ER. Many people do commit suicide every year because they just can’t get enough help with the pain.

RSD is a extremely painful disease and yet DR don’t want to understand how bad that pain is.

I have heard a DR say, “All you need is exercise”  Yeah, right, if I could walk more than a few steps at a time, that would be great.

Pain is a disease all by itself, regardless of the source or sources of that pain.  When pain is Chronic Intractable Pain  we do need help. And that help is opiate pain releivers.

People in pain need help.


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Love reading with my Kindle 2, Rode the big bikes all my life, but can't ride anymore. Love spending time with a special person who can enjoy b eing quiet together or out and about having fun. Love music, Susan Boyle, early Charlotte Church and more
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2 Responses to My Journey April 28, 2009

  1. LinLin says:

    sorry I made some mistakes here and Live Writer wouldn’t let me fix the mistakes or delete and start over. I was paralized for a time from the broken neck, and then again after I broke my back. But the old injuries plus the new conditions have all made my life a living hell. In pain 24/7 and though I do get some pain meds. it isn’t enough to really take the edge off the pain enough to let me function in any kind of way.LinLIn

  2. Sheila says:

    I have a very good friend who has AS. She’s told me how bad the pain can get. You may have mentioned it in one of your earlier blogs, but what is RSD?Thanks for inviting me to join your network.

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