My Journey March 15

Ok, I have been reading the Kindle book and I love the New Kindle 2.
I have the fonts about this size and it’s so easy to read and holding the book is a cinch.
Before getting the Kindle, I had to read , hold a magnifing glass and turn pages all one handed, and that was so hard. Now it’s so easy.
But today the pain has been beyond agony, I sit here with the silent tears flowing down my face, and the pain just stays so high. I can’t get up now, so I’ll just sit here and get siffer and worse and evedntually I will get up  and go to bed.
Some days are better than others, so I have many good days and I think that makes up for the ones like this.
Being in pain is bad enough, but being so isolated is even worse. People just do not believe or understand what it is to live such a painful life.  And I want to slap the next one that says, "All you need is exercise" Yeah right, wish to hell I could live a life and have fun and exercise and take long walks
That sounds like paradise. 

About albanylinlin5

Love reading with my Kindle 2, Rode the big bikes all my life, but can't ride anymore. Love spending time with a special person who can enjoy b eing quiet together or out and about having fun. Love music, Susan Boyle, early Charlotte Church and more
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